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Bournemouth Hen Weekends - Activity Ideas for Hens

Welcome to Paradise

The United Kingdom might not be one of the most popular touristic destinations in the world, but it definitely has some nice places where you can spend a couple days and enjoy yourself with the landscape and activities that they offer. The Highlands and the Irish enchanted towns are quite famous for a touristic escapade, and southern England is also quite good for the purpose, with its temperate climante, sunny beaches and relaxed environment.

Bournemouth as a city is quite young, with just a few decades of existence. However, it has managed to become a very famous touristic destinations, with millions of visitors every year. Now, if such a thing happened, that's because there is so much in Bournemouth to enjoy. It's definitely a great place to go and have a good time, and people know it. Bournemouth is famous for its beaches and sea activities, and its buzzing nightlife. There are plenty of bars and nightclubs downtown where you can grab drinks, dance all night long and have the time of your life. When the sun rises, you can put on your bikini and head straight down to the beach to enjoy a great day sunbathing, playing sea sports and diving in the seawaters.

Sounds like a great place for a hen do, right?

What's great about Bournemouth

There are plenty of things to do in Bournemouth, and the atmosphere is just perfect for a hen do. As you now know, bars and pubs are everywhere, and there is a very young vibe in the city with plenty of university students, so you will find little to no complaints about partying up until late in the night. Pro tip: Bournemouth is a very popular destination for foreign people who want to study the language and culture of the United Kingdom, so you could find a couple interesting foreigners here and there to have some nice chat or simply please your eyes.

Bournemouth has an excelent climate for enjoying the beach, so you can spend sunny days tanning in your sexiest bikini and laughing with your girlfriends performing some silly shenanigans in the sea. You will never forget drinking a cocktail while watching the sun set on the shore, before heading to your hotel to make yourselves up for the night of craze that is to come.

There are so many events in Bournemouth that you will loose count, because the city has a very strong cultural and artistic profile. There are festivals all the time, and if you are lucky enough to be at the city at that very weekend, you will enjoy some of the best fun you can get. Our favourite event is Arts by the Sea, where you can listen to live music, dance with lots of people, and see plays and films. The Food and Drinks festival is also great to enjoy some cuisine, watch live demonstrations of cookery and taste some of the best alcohol you will ever grab. For a gay hen do or just wild chicks wanting to have fun, the Bourne Free festival is gay open and full of fun and colours, a great place to celebrate integration.

Your hen do in Bournemouth

There are so many hen activities in Bournemouth that you will always find stuff with which to fill your schedule, no matter what your interests are. Even outside the city there is cool stuff to do, like horse riding or cycling in the New Forest and ferrying to the Isle of Wight. Once in the city, of course the beach is a must. Bournemouth has some of the warmest waters in the UK, and here you can go for a walk, play sports and games, and grab a bite. There are seasonal activities, like monster trucks and quad bike stunts at the Bournemouth Wheels Festival, and the Bournemouth Air Festival displaying air stunts and great entertainment.

There are great shopping places, especially in the pedestrianised road downtown with plenty of department stores, and you can't miss Bournemouth's Open Air Market at Boscombe. For some action-packed adventures you can try go-karting in Bournemouth, or even kayaking. Bournemouth's Genting Casino is great for a night of gambling and fun. 

You can do plenty of things in Bournemouth. Remember that you must be cautious when in your hen do, so a weekend of fun stays as such and doesn't become a painful memory. There are so many chances for fun here that you will definitely have a great hen do. Grab your suitcase and your bikini and start preparing for a great deal of adventure and laughter at the awesome city of Bournemouth!

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